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  • We are growers and exporters of vegetables and fruits varieties including grapes, mangoes, oranges... etc.

  • We are leaders in the grapes field especially the "Superior" and "Seedless Flame" varieties.

  • We export to the EU and the Gulf area for more than 10 years.

  • We are holders of Global Gap Certificate.





Availability : now till June


Orange, Juicy, full of vitamin C



Calamantine Variety Spanish

Availability : now till June

Orange, Juicy, full of vitamin C

Grapes (Seedless Flame)

Availability : 20 May – 10 June


Bunch weight : 250g

bunch Length : 14 cm 

Pulp size : 18mm






Grapes (Superior)

Availability : Mid. May – 10 June


Bunch weight : 500g

Bunch Length :17 cm

Pulp size : 20mm






Blocky Peppers

Availability : November – April


Handsome in appearance, fresh, firm and rich in calcium.

Available in green, red and yellow.







Availability : November – April


Storage Temp : 1-2 °C

The best seller's and consumer's choice because they are significantly sweeter than other varieties.






Mango Keitt

Availability : Eng of August – End of Spetember


Storage Temp : 12 °C







Galia Melons

Availability : March – May


Storage Temp : 10-12 °C








Coriander / Herbs

Availability : All Year Round


Storage Temp : 2 °C







Dates / Barhi

Availability : August - October


Fresh, sweet and juicy with a smoth, clear yellow skin. Sold on branches, this refreshing date has a 15-30 day shelf-life.







Availability : All year round


Packaging : 2-2.5 / 3-3.5kg carton net





Availability : All year round


Yellow and green, Juicy, full of vitamin C






Lettuce Iceberg


Availability :  







Tomatoes Cherry

Availability :  






- We have most of crops in their season.

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