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The company owns a wide range of plant protection products such as herbicides, insecticides,fungicides and nematicide and acaricide.

We have 31 registered products in the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture added to the distributing of some of syngenta products.


Al Ezz is characterized by a unique blend of fertilizers products , which is working on the farm service in all respects where products containing: (NPKs - growth regulators - amino acids - Humic acid). The combination of those working to raise production efficiency and quality of the crop even in poor and modern land reclamation.

As the company deals with the biggest agencies in Europe and Asia, this diversity is in the interest of the consumer in a check for our products and place high demand markets.


We have a wide range of the best seeds of vegetables and fruits and the origin of hybrid and non-hybrid vaccination is resistant to diseases, viruses and heat resistance

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